cuddle e-zine having chronic insomnia has its perks, i suppose.  in my latenight fits of restlessness i have recently been looking at a lot of online zines (i am such a nerd...) and this one totally caught me eye with its clean layout and (gasp) quality content.  this is actually a counterpart to the print version(the format that i prefer anyway) which i have not yet seen but if it looks and reads anything like its digital cousin then...damn!  this issue contains interviews with cub and boy sets fire, an awesome band photo section and a story about moving away from home to go to school. did i mention the slick-but-not-sick layout?  if you have a computer then dial this up.  iím really interested as to what the print version is all about. po box 184 bath, oh 44210-0184 email-

happy boy#1 this is a great effort for a first zine. put together by mr. chris ware, who did the majority of the writing and his sister leslie, who handles photos and tech stuff.  the zine, as chris says, has no specific focus but it does pretty much center around music.  chris is the kind of kid who likes to keep up on music and related stuff, and he does a good job of it.  lots of stuff about the atlanta, ga hardcore scene in here. also in here are a few poems and thoughts about school and a story about riding public transit, which i can totally identify with.  there are some great photos in this zine, my only complaint is that the copy quality is a bit weird and makes the photos look sort of all grey toned.  lots and lots of photos of the band portrait in here, i kinda want to check them out live... chris urges all to send music for review.  if you want a copy of Happy Boy get in touch at the address below.  iím not sure how much this zine is, i think it may even be free, but be sure to at least send a couple stamps or maybe trade(?) something for it.  support d.i.y. publishing that actually has substance and get this! 499 northside cir. apt 403 atlanta, ga 30309 email-

mutant renegade # 9 this is the high school issue.  lots of reader-submitted stories about hellish school daze.  this zine has been the mainstay of the dayton punk scene for years, it's that zine in your town that everyone reads. plus it's very well constructed, and is always on newsprint.  thatís one thing iíve always liked about this zine, itís professional without being overly slick. no pretense here kids, just good old fashioned rock and roll.  if you want to find out a bit about our town, check this zine out or visit there website (or both). one thing, though..i am a bit uncomfortable at their willingness to accept ads from major labels, but of course, i donít run the circus, i just read it. overall, another good job from grog and the gang. $1.50ppd po box  3445 dayton, oh 45401

nine and a half left#5 a look into the world of mike rodemann.  very personal, i kinda felt as though i was intruding into the kidís life.  i really like this genre of zine-making, though,  and i found it pretty easy to relate to his little anecdotes.  nine and a half left is an entertaining read that, despite the bitter tone in some of the stories, left me somehow feeling warm and fuzzy.  sorta like coffee on the way to work. $0.50 ppd 13386 madison #4 lakewood, oh 44107

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