call it in the air "just a morning thought" cd ***  pretty pretty music is the theme for this issue.  this cd needed to grow on me a bit, but I do enjoy it.  this six-piece band from detroit, michigan features the addition of a keyboardist, which makes for some interesting textures in the music.  this band would be right at home on deep elm, but this release is brought to you courtesy of outback entertainment group, who also put out the pogoh cd.  there are a variety of musical influences at work here, i detect a dash of the shimmering clean midwest sounds that we all have been accustomed to in the past few years, but with subtle overtones of dayton's hometown rockers guided by voices and even a sprinkling of morressey (post-smiths) and the odd sensefield-ism.  very interesting indeed.  i can honestly say that they have a unique sound, which you don't seem to come across too often anymore. musical high points include "sometimes hello", "on a ride" and "atarri"  not bad at all. outback entertainment group po box 780132 orlando, fl 32878 email

cross my heart s/t cd *** okay, this is on deep elm, so I had a premonition of what this cd would sound like in the fleeting seconds before slipping it into the player.  tres slick, and very, um, poppy to say the least.  i'm going to be honest here, because if i'm not then this wouldn't be a fair review, eh?  when the first notes graced my ears, i thought that this would be a rocker.  But it's something about the singing, i guess, too pretty for my taste.  after repeated listens, (it got repeated listens, that's a plus, huh?) this stuff actually grew on me.  i really like the slower songs,  this tempo seemed to suit cross my heart a little better. as far as musicianship goes, they are quite tight and seem to have a great deal of interplay between the bandl, but, to be fair that can be easily faked during recording. but i must say that i would leave the house and go see them if they ever played around here.  hey, at least they don't sound like the get up kids! if you like the deep elm sound then you should get this. deep elm records po box 1965 new york, ny10156

the firebird suite *** this, my friends is one of those things that make record collecting geeks like me grind their teeth and bite their fingernails to the quick.  the firebird suite is chris broachís (of braid fame) side project, and it does not exist anywhere on vinyl or cd.  i think this was a demo or something and somehow will s. got ahold of it and put it on a mix tape for me.  the only thing i can say is, itís pure broach.  sort of high complacent vocals embedded in a gracefully jangly guitar infrastructure.   itís all about the subtleties, kids.  this is pure pop madness that sounds nothing at all like braid but is equally as majestic.  now, as a musician, i have two reasons to hate , envy and revere mr. broach.  címon chris, wasnít braid enough?  to top it off, the drummer sounds suspiciously like roy ewing, braidís original drummer.  i listened to this one song for a week straight.  i donít know if they play live very often, they did play (or were booked anyway) at legion of doom in columbus, but I didnít go.  sometimes itís better this way, to have a gem like this on a mix tape  made by a good friend, you know?

hell on wheels "alpha phozz and the beta hustle" cd *** do you like the pixies?  when i was in high school,  i went through a phase of nothing but, and it sounds like these swedish rockers must have had the same sort of childhood musical experiences. this cd is short but sweet, chock full of indie-rock goodness. this , i must  say is one of the better releases i have recieved for review.  this disc starts off with an ambient guitar layered  part that slowly builds into pure rock.  my personal fav is "one sperm across your heart", with lyrics like " mike watt...and evan dando; mike wat and evan dand-o-o-o...." you really can't go wrong.  "hell on wheels" is right...these guys bring that wry, sarcastic shy-guy rock to a new level. i like it . alot. urinine records 6808 madison dr. indianapolis, in 454277

the hit kit demo *** this is it. the tape that i cannot bring myself to pluck out of the player.  adam ward (the man behing the plan) gave me this tape as a birthday gift, and let me tell ya, it's amazing what some people can do with a keyboard, a guitar and a four track.  the songs range from upbeat and happy in a lo-fi indie rock sort of way to spacey and ambient. and, it's all instrumental, which can be a hard thing to pull off , but adam does just fine with making some intersting music. this embodies everything that music should be- totally self-indulgent yet listenable, and fun! yes, kids, this tape wasn't made to be on a label, to get scene points or to be cool. this was made for the sheer joy of making sounds, and it shows. it is the shit! i can't emphisize that enough! if adam is down for it, you can look forward to hearing a song from the hit kit on the upcoming life as a lie compilation that will be a part of the print version of the next issue. musical reference points: joan of arc, rodan, slint, and lots of other stuff i can't really peg. 
email adam

jenny piccolo ďinformation battle to denounce the genocideĒ lp ***  okay, so i realize that this record isnít exactly new, but i have to pull stuff from my collection because nobody has been  sending anything lately.  this is a band that you hardly hear about in humble dayton, ohio, so i  figured what the hell.  let me begin by saying that there are 21 songs on this record.  thatís a lot of song-age for seven bucks, eh?  this record is blistering, disturbing, frantic, and all of the other things you would expect from three-one g, the label that brought you swing kids and crimson curse.  jenny piccolo is a brutal onslaught of controlled terror.  i have a soft spot in my heart for hardcore that isnít metal, and jp does just fine.  they put on a killer live show, all a-screaminí and a-runniní...i wigged out when i saw them live because thatís when i found out that they were a 3-piece.  a 3-piece!  how do they faithfully reproduce the sounds of hell as a 3-piece?  oh well, if you like the locust or any of that new-fangled crazy stuff, then pick this up.  po  box 178262 san diego, CA 92477

the juliana theory  "understand this is a dream" cd ***  this is very very slick, which seems to be the rule of thumb these days. this is a touchy area for me, because some bands try (key word = try) to do this fancypants poppy-bordering-on-radio rock thing and it just falls flat. but, when it hits, it hits like a ton of maple syrup engulfing your body with sweet goodness.  this cd falls into the latter catagory.  it's well played and laden with sincerity.  i've heard a lot about this band in the past few months, and i was not sure what the buzz was all about.  normally i'm all about the screamy stuff, but this is just so beautiful that it won me over.  it's like the soundtrack to driving around on a rainy sunday afternoon, just thinking about stuff. high points include "p.s. we'll call you when we get there", "constellation" and "show me the money".  reference points: jimmy eat world, the promise ring, perhaps a bit of chamberlain thrown into the mix.  sound popperific?  check it out. tooth and nail records po box 12698 seattle, wa 98111 www.toothandnail

the local arm demo *** a wonderful group from athens, ohio.  i was quite impressed with this cassette, itís one of those demos that sounds like it should be a seven inch or a cd.  they play solid post hardcore-type stuff, with a healthy dose of hum influences. I canít wait for another release by  these guys.  great production, artfully insightive yet tasteful songwriting and excellent musicianship.  you simply canít go wrong, kids. would you recognize me? records 18 oak st. athens , oh 45701

park "scene 14" cd *** oh hell yes...this is awesome, absolutly superb. park play really powerful, yet poppy music along the lines of braid and piebald. these kids take that tech-pop sound that's all the rage these days and boost it to the stars. my only gripe is that the music somewhat drags towards the middle of the cd, but good god, you need these. playing field recordings po box 851 urbana, il 61803

sleeping for sunrise "skyline symettry" cd  *** if you like pretty delicate indie pop than you might want to look into this.  it's very sensitive, and having it in your car's cd player while cruising around on a friday night will make the emo girls(and/or emo boys) think you're sweet and thoughtful. and that's exactly what this cd sounds like, sweet and thoughtful, but none too exiting. just like that summertime crush between 12th grade and freedom, you may find yourself bored after the intial sugary coating wears off.  playing field recordings po box 851 urbana, il 61803

somerset league "making water wetter" cd *** this band was called somerset until a recent name conflict.  this , i think is this band's first release they have a very postcore sort of sound, calling to mind some biggies like hot water music and falling forward.  the cd overall was a decent delivery. i've never seen them live, but i imagine they pack quite a punch. this cd id kinda old, i think it was release a year or so ago, but it gets the job done. nothing fancy, just rock.  i think i like it... copper sun 594 Mary st Scranton, PA 18508

supporting actress "playing the part" cd *** musical rambling.  i don't know, it's really tech and all that, but it doen't really do much for me. it might for you. playing field recordings po box 851 urbana, il 61803

tom foolery and the mistakes  "distinctive gifts since 1948" ***ah, the mysterious and mischeivous tom foolery. no one really know exactly who he is, but he seems to be featured on every one of these twenty-six songs, the rest of the instrumentation is handled by a plethora of musicians, one of which happens to be my bandmate and psuedo-staffphotographer jason laveris.   ( although he's not on this particular tape) other sit-in musicians of note include a cameo apperance by nine inch nail's own trent reznor(!). go figure, the man has to make the big bucks somehow.  this is a great release by the band that has more members than dayton has trailer parks.  it's pretty much an exiperiment in lo-fi madness,  held together by ringmaster kyle sowash, a former daytonian. totally hilarious song titles (at least to me) like "ray charles smells a deal", "your best haircut ever", "for your inflammation" and "dorf goes to dayton".  with song titles like that, you really can't go wrong. but don;t for a second think that this is some sort of joke. the songs are great, not to mention catchy, indie rock ditties devoid of any sort of pretense. plus, you get twenty-six songs for four bucks (i think that's the price) so, if you want one, and i know you do, drop them a line.  colossal thumb productions 102 w arcadia ave unit #9 clovis, nm 88101 email sowashkm@hotmail.com

various artists "halcyon days" cd***this is the debut release for brooklyn, new york's westerly records, and for a first release, it is a pretty well-rounded and well thought out project.  i really like the packaging on this cd, it very clean and concise yet slick as all get out.  i know that that's not really what i should be reviewing here but i believe that a good overall presentation means that you actually care about a project and aren't just slapping something together. and now, onward to the music...
you know with some comps,  i can't even make it to the end of the cd without skipping tracks, it's as though whoever put the thing together just accepting any old crap and press a disc from it.  or sometimes it will be fourty minutes of really sloppy ska or something. not the case here, kids.  on this disc there are thirteen heartfelt emotional tunes that you can tap your toe to .  my personal faves are set on stun, with "ill gift/infusion", a jawbox-esque track that was recorded with j. robbins at inner ear studios (a fun note for you music geeks): blert, with "ant farm", a song that sort of reminded me of a math rock band crossed with a little eighties new wave and some counrty(!) for good measure; the warren commission's "i wish there was" a rockin post hardcore dittie that calls to mind beta minus mechanic and perhaps a little whirlpool; and the swimmer, who have a very unique sound that calls to mind codiene and june of 44. plus they win my best of  award for most creative song title "what i learned from firecrackers".   anyway, this is a great compilation and is recommended to anyone who is a fan of good emotive post-whatever-core. there will be another comp cd from westerly on the way soon, don't ask how i know, i just do :) check their website for more info...   email:

various artists "throwing nickels : a ccr tribute" cd *** someone had to do it, i guess, and why not urinine records? at least the bands on this comp are all excellent. i don't know, i guess i was sort of wary of this at first, not because it's a ccr cover comp, but because it's a cover comp. these things go either way, they are either pretty good or they completely suck. well, due to the choice of bands, this one isn't half bad.  it breaks down like this: pound wi, "lodi"; squidboy, "lookin' out my back door"; ruined in a day, "who'll stop the rain" and sohcahtoa, "fortunate son".  you really need to get this just for the sguidboy track, the singer does a great john fogerty...i don't know with only four bands, this could have been a seven inch, but, it's not my label, so hey...urinine records 6808 madison dr. indianapolis, in 454277

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