april 13, 1999

well, here is the new-and improved webpage, i hope you kids like it. i am such a slacker, and therefore things haven't been getting done on time. the print zine has hit some snags, namely i have no money. but, some new reviews are up, sorry to sid at urinine records for taking so long...here's what i've been up to...

* * *

the blue ash solution/tennyson split 7" is finally out, much to devin's relief. we made the covers at kinko's but thanks to a really cool kid that works there we got a little discount, plus they look sweet as hell. i'm also busily trying to get some sort of half-ass tour together. 

* * *

i'm learning more about web design every day, it's a hobby that has turned into an obsession. yes, now i'm not just a nerd, i'm a computer nerd. i'm sure a "magic-the gathering" habit is soon to come...
* * *
devin, mike and i are desperatly searching for a place to live, if we don't find a place this week devin will be living in her car, and i might move in as well...mike has nothing to fear because he has parents who love him...

* * *

this is what my ears hear as of the last few weeks.  park "scene 14" cd * alcatraz 7" * the cupid car club 7" * tsunami "deep end" cd * nerfherder s/t cd * moss icon s/t lp(thanks frank!) * unwound "fake train" lp * los crudos/spitboy split lp * the delta '72 7" * kolya 7" * j-church/discount split 7" * amputee set/breaker morant split cd * trains, lots of train whistles and police sirens...ahh...

thanks and love to these kids : devo; the blue ash crew; all of the bands that were kind enough to play the "fest"; chris ware; grog and mutant renegade zine; kevey and the food not bombs crew; the high societies; the amputee sets; the fudgeguns; the tennysons; and of course, you.

a big hardy "fuck you" : othneil (some crazy christian hardcore band that send me hate email because i'm a "faggot"); U$A & NATO- classic WASP oppression at it's finest; and X.X.(you know who you are you fucking prick)

email me! <blueash@cheerful.com>
write me! po box 891 dayton, ohio 45401-0891

xoxo, andy